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Welcome Letter

Recently I found myself reflecting upon the beauty of nature. This time of year, the leaves are budding and the grass is turning green, the flowers are beginning to bloom. In the hustle and bustle of my days, it feels as if spring suddenly snuck up on us. But in actuality, it’s been a slow, gradual shift that’s often unnoticeable throughout the day-to-day. The visible change of seasons is a sign of natural growth. And while it often goes unrecognized, the reality of healthy growth is that change becomes the catalyst for it.

Unlike human progression and aging, healthy growth in our lives often presents itself as a choice. It is very much a mindset. The growth that I’m referring to comes from the inward process of embracing the hard places, the difficult times and the trial and errors of life. I’m challenged daily to grow, and in this new season we are in, we may find that it’s our biggest challenge to say yes to growth, and embrace it.

My growth currently looks like choosing to let go of mindsets that no longer serve me; mindsets ranging from how I view my frustrations, to how I view close relationships, to how I view myself. For me, this is a place of growth that I’m choosing to make an investment in. I’m working on creating a mindset that will then create the change I want to see.

In this Spring23 She-Suite Magazine issue, we are taking time to celebrate the companies and the individuals who courageously choose growth. We can now see that companies who recognize that change creates opportunities are being rewarded through a sustainable culture, and a new way to work. These are our She-Suite 100 honorees and more. They choose to invest in women time and time again, and we are highlighting their stories through The She-Suite 100.

The She-Suite 100 exists to celebrate the consistent, ground-breaking work of our collaborators committed to creating sustainable solutions towards overcoming the persistent gap with women in the workplace. Organizations and leaders are true architects of change, and in this issue we are paying tribute to Boston Scientific and BAE Systems, Inc., as we’ve witnessed both of these organizations craft new models to create lasting change with their female leaders. These companies have each supported over 100 women through The She-Suite’s Brand Leadership Institute (BLI) Program; you can read more about that here.

I encourage you to read on and immerse yourself in topics ranging from growing out of imposter syndrome, simple ways to refresh your home for Spring, the value of salary transparency, and so much more. As always, our She-Suite team has risen to the challenge of bringing you an assortment of fresh and timely topics, providing that balance of professional and personal care that we strive for.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I hope you find encouraging as we step forward into spring to grow and flourish, across all aspects of life.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”
- Chinese Proverb
Believing in you,
Melissa Dawn Simkins
Founder | The She-Suite
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