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The Power of 90: Tools and Tips To Make Big Wins in 90 Days or Less

Technology & Productivity
The Power
OF 90

Focusing on productivity isn’t easy when you’re trying to find time for community, family, and yourself. But when you break down your productivity obstacles and create a plan to maximize your health and well-being, you can reset the process and achieve your goals. It turns out 90 days is all it takes.

The Numbers Don’t Lie — Productivity Takes Structure

41% of employees say that stress negatively affects productivity, over 70% of employees worry about stressors during work, and 65% say they’re more productive during the holidays. As the Great Resignation (here) allows us to embrace a new normal instead of settling with tired norms, it’s no wonder why so many women feel overwhelmed and unable to be productive in the workplace.

But with three months and a strategy to make every day count toward your future, you can transform your structure, passion, and focus in ways that will stick. All it takes is some planning. Let’s get started!

Around the Slump in 90 Days

If 90 days was all it took to change your outlook on work and achieve your goals, why wouldn’t you do it?

Many of us put work, relationships, community, and our networks before ourselves, but none of these connections can benefit from your effort if you aren’t respecting your mental health and well-being daily. Plus, we often undervalue the impact of small wins to help us reach big goals. Many have found success creating a 90-day approach to productivity.

You are the most important element of an effective 90-day productivity plan, but your time is almost equally important — time to restructure your work day, time to find physical and mental balance, and time to be proud of your accomplishments. A productive and fulfilling career gives you the power to balance yourself, your connections, your calling, and your career equally.

Here are some effective strategies women leaders often include in their personal 90-day plans toward a more productive life. Identify the ones that speak to you.


Retreats allow you to immerse yourself in a disruption-free environment to focus on certain skills or aspects of your life. Ask yourself what you’d like to reset and restructure.

For those looking to reset their mental health and well-being, a yoga and meditation retreat may be ideal, while a business and productivity retreat may benefit someone looking to balance work and life. Again, you come first. Your retreat choice should align with your unique needs.

Smartphone Apps

When it comes to productivity — yes, there’s an app for that. There are a lot of choices out there, so find apps with the highest potential for you.

While apps like Notion encourage you to create your own structure, other apps like Headspace focus on mental health as a foundation for productivity and happiness.

Just because one app works for your friend or mentor doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Do some research and be patient with a few options until you find one that sticks.


Finding new hobbies may seem daunting, but having hobbies can lower anxiety and stress, and help cope with depression. Your mind benefits from focusing on “work” that’s outside of your job.

Consider expanding on your current interests. Learning the piano, making pottery, and outdoor sports are all proven to boost creativity, focus, physical health, mental well-being, and productivity, making them great options to incorporate in your 90-day plan.

Community Enrichment

It’s true — connection leads to fulfillment, overall life satisfaction, and increased productivity. But making the time for connection can be difficult. This is where aligning your career and calling comes into play.

Create volunteer programs within your company or business social events during work hours, like group exercise, company sports teams, gaming during lunch hour, and team brainstorms. Enrich your life and the lives of your coworkers through connection! This can help you along your purpose path while boosting productivity and satisfaction among your team.

Travel and Vacations

We discuss destinations as a way to reset in our article here. The need for vacation can’t be stressed enough, given the tremendous impact on productivity.

Vacations boost productivity because they encourage relaxation, creativity, and healthy disengagement from routine. Within your 90-day plan, schedule a family trip, a solo destination rental, or a road trip with a close friend.

Time Management Tools

In many cases, the amount of work isn’t what affects priority, but rather the way it’s prioritized and managed.

There are hundreds of time management tools out there, so we appreciate this concise Scoro review of 17 of the most popular. Choose the tools that best suit your schedule, lifestyle, and workload.

Continued Learning

Keep learning — especially about yourself! No matter the industry, continued learning allows you to be a more productive, efficient leader. As you build your 90-day plan, make room for learning tangible new information as well as putting yourself in situations that require an open mind.

eCourses can keep you on track, providing real goal-driven results along the way. Whether you just started a new job, left your career, or are celebrating decades in your industry — 90 days is all it takes to make a difference.

The Best eCourse for Your Goals

While each eCourse has its own qualities and benefits, Brand Your Next Bold Move: Accomplish Any Goal the 90-Day Way ® is guaranteed to help you implement a 90-day plan to remove distractions, accelerate outcomes, and achieve success on your own terms — in a repeatable and sustainable way that is applicable to much more than your career.

Perks of this six-week program include instructor-led courses, curriculum workbook and exercises, a 90-day template, a monthly live open coaching webinar, She-Suite support circle, weekly virtual check-ins, weekly 30-minute live coaching, and access to our private Facebook and LinkedIn communities.

Check out our 90-day eCourse breakdown for more information — the opportunity to change your life is waiting.