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Six Practical Ways to Reset


Resetting as a professional is key to staying productive and happy in your career, but “take a vacation” might be on the bottom of your to-do list.

With these six tried-and-true reset strategies, you can find time for yourself without casting your career aside. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the effort, consider it the best investment you’ll ever make since the investment is you!

Make Steps Toward Prioritizing Yourself

Begin with something tangible. Start a ‘journey map’ that functions the same way as a product development map — except you are the product. To start, write a few goals down and initial steps you can take toward achieving them. Ask yourself which are easiest to begin now and which ones will take more time. Then, get to the white board! Map out your journey to achieve your goals in chronological order, following a literal path.

Update your map as your goals and focuses change. Try giving each goal a deadline, like “before I turn 40” or “before I find my dream job.” It might seem silly to treat your life, goals, and success like a product in development, but it helps you actualize your value as an asset and investment.

Create a Creativity Nook in Your Home

Fill a creativity nook with things that speak to you — books, music, art supplies, video games — and get crafty with things you find comfort in.

Make space for a dream board that reflects your aspirations, both in and out of work. Cover it with magazine clippings of dream destinations, jewelry, a job title you’re aiming for, photos of people who inspire you, and more.

Tear Down Your ‘Walls’

Sit down for a moment and be real with yourself. Think about your big-picture dreams and goals in life — the ones that feel unattainable. Write down what’s standing in your way, and how these barriers affect your daily life.

Then, think about tangible things you can do to eliminate these roadblocks unapologetically, even if this means moving to a new city, leaving your current company, or removing toxic people from your life. This step is hard and can be the most time-intensive on this list, but ultimately any “walls” standing in the way of your goals need to be addressed.

Turn Your Hobbies & Interests Into Skills

We mention this a few times in this issue, but it cannot be understated. Lifelong learning and constantly growing as a person are among the best ways to revitalize and reset.

Practice doing things you love. Cooking classes, archery classes, programming and coding camps, or even survival skills courses can help you learn new tips & tricks while participating in your favorite hobbies. And many hobbies sharpen skills that can be cross-utilized at work and in other areas — archery requires focus, cooking requires multitasking, and survival skills require critical thinking and the ability to stay calm in tense situations.

Redefine Your Career Path

We talk about the Great Resignation here. The main takeaway is not to wonder why people are leaving their careers en masse, but to understand that life is too short to spend it doing things that don’t align with your purpose.

Ask yourself if the career you’re in is on your purpose path, or just a job you settled for. If your work doesn’t inspire and excite you, it may be time to rethink your goals. Investing the time and effort to switch paths may be the boost you need to reset and regain your drive.

Participate in an Exclusive Elite Executive Retreat

While it’s great that retreats are trending, it might be difficult to find one that’s right for you — someone who seeks to become an influential woman in her industry.

That’s why we’ve developed the She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat. Located at the Ritz Carlton in Bal Harbor, Florida, this three-night, four-day luxury experience is customized to help you reset and chart your own strategy for measured growth and success in the next 12 months.

Between relaxing on the beach and developing strategies to help you strategize your future, you will redefine what it means to be an executive level woman professional in today’s workforce. With concierge, one-on-one coaching sessions from our She-Suite Brand Squad, we’re ready to help you design your plan of action, tailored to your specific needs: Executive Brand Elevation, Health & Well-being, Financial Prowess, Executive Brand Style Secrets, Insider’s Track to Board Service, and much more.

As you implement these tips to curate the most effective reset strategy for your life, reenvision yourself as the influential leader you were destined to be! Click the button below to learn more about our retreat.

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