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From the CEO Desk: Top Picks for Leadership Amplification

Top Picks for Leadership Amplification

The busy world of leadership can be increasingly overwhelming. The abundance of hacks, quick tips, and endless lists of book recommendations can feel more paralyzing than helpful. Which is why The She-Suite CEO, Melissa Dawn Simkins, is helping you cut through the noise, and sharing a few of her tried-and-true favorite tools and practices.

From one leader to another, this round-up can help you explore a few simple and unique ways to amplify your own leadership.

Build your Communication Toolkit.

This can look something like crafting your own weekly newsletter to stay in touch with your team, or perhaps sharing an inspiring quote at the start of each week. What is your signature sign-off in emails? What is your tone when you communicate digitally? The power of strong and purposeful communication can not only improve your daily interactions, but help to craft your leadership style and tell your story.

Stay in the know with AI.

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere. Stay on the cutting edge by incorporating AI into your weekly routines. Begin with user-friendly tools such as Grammarly and, as well as more advanced solutions. You can check out this complete round-up for more ideas.


Because you don’t always have the time to read, but you may have the time to pop in headphones and listen as you work through mundane tasks. Audible is packed with amazing leadership books such as Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell, The 6 Habits of Growth by Brendon Berchard, and Atomic Habits by James Clear. Next time you’re driving or folding laundry, try multitasking by listening to a personal development book at the same time.


If you’re not using Slack, or some form of interoffice chat software for your team, you’re missing out on a simple way to stay in touch with small requests, small talk, and even fun office banter. With hundreds of plug-in apps and integrations available, Slack serves as a valuable resource for automating and streamlining work across your team.

Know your leadership principles.

This may seem obvious, but as a leader, it’s crucial to be aware of what your key leadership points are. These principles can help you get to better know your team, how they work and function, and vice versa. Moreover, sharing your leadership principles can enable you to define your ‘why’ and set clear expectations with your team.

“No” is a complete sentence.

Setting healthy boundaries helps to protect your time and mental well-being. As leaders, we can quickly feel overwhelmed with work, meetings, and requests. When faced with another calendar invite or question, ask yourself, “Can this wait? Is this absolutely necessary?” Embrace the power of no, and see what it can do for your calendar and peace of mind.

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