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Style From Home to the Office

from home

From pencil skirts and pressed blouses to leather pants and jean jackets, women’s workplace fashion continues to evolve. Today, comfort, creativity, and self-expression have a place in office fashion — especially in the wake of COVID-19 with thousands of women transitioning to work-from-home jobs. Three cheers for athleisure wear and messy buns!

For women returning to the office, working a hybrid schedule, or for those who want to keep appearances with higher-ups on Zoom — confident, classy comfort is possible.

Form Meets Function: Fashion Trends That Transcend the Workplace

We’ve chosen these comfortable styles that give you plenty of wiggle room to capture your authentic self while seamlessly transitioning from work to play to rest. Let’s create some looks!

Colorful Creations

As a confident and influential woman, you already stand out in all your endeavors — why not have a style to match?

Pair a simple, vibrant top with a colorful pair of joggers — ‘fancy sweatpants’ — and add sneakers and a jean jacket to finish it off. A playful outfit that checks all the boxes!

Need to be a little fancier? Add a statement necklace or bangles, swap out sneakers for a chunky boot, and ditch the jean jacket for a blazer.

Loving Leather

Yes, leather can be comfortable.

When done right, pleather jeggings and jackets elevate the everyday — plus, pleather is breathable and moves with you. Try a pair of black pleather jeggings with a graphic tee, chunky jewelry, and Chelsea boots. Throw on a matching blazer for a bold yet classy touch.

This look combines comfort and cool. Leather is getting the fashion-trend facelift it deserves!

Denim Dreams

Remember when denim on denim was tacky? Us too. But as many trends do, this one has returned.

Try your favorite-fitting pair of jeans with a loose denim blouse or white tee. And yes, layer on that denim jacket! Red or black denim can bring an unexpected yet comfy pop of color.

Dress up this look with a heel and some simple jewelry.

"I believe in comfort. If you don't feel comfortable in your clothes, it's hard to think of anything else." - Donna Karan
Country Chic

This trend incorporates rancher fashion with urban style. For those who want to combine fun and professional — this is for you.

Add a bolo tie to your favorite button-up top, a fringe jacket to your denim look, or even a statement belt buckle and cowboy boots to your current fit. A pop of Western flair is all you need!

Never Underestimate the Power of Accessories

Consider accessories the secret to hacking your work wardrobe.

A pair of fun earrings, a bold necklace, vibrant heels, and a matching hat & purse can all take patternless outfits or an otherwise too-casual fit to the next level. Let your accessories speak for themselves!