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Welcome Letter

Throughout the past eight years at The She-Suite, we’ve had the privilege of being a part of the stories of countless extraordinary women. We exist to reinvent how millions of women lead around the world. In fact, our bold mission is to reach more than 1 million leaders with our MVP model by 2032. We gauge our success based on the transformation of the lives of leading women, through their accomplishments both personally and professionally. We have heard that empowering a new way to lead with your whole life from our alumni has unearthed stories of resilience, drive, and realized purpose.

In this Fall 2023 issue, we have collaborated closely with these women, listening, understanding their unique experiences, and uncovering their aspirations and the daily challenges they face to change the narrative around women and work. In our inaugural Why Women Stay Report, we celebrate these experiences and transform them into a comprehensive guide for organizations to establish sustainable and fulfilling career paths for women.

The story that our report tells is encouraging. Women have made remarkable strides, shattered numerous barriers, and demonstrated the boundless possibilities that emerge when they choose to stay committed to a career and life that is both successful and fulfilling. Yet, there is much work to be done, and we can only achieve it by working together.

It is my hope that this issue will leave you feeling motivated to advocate for a working environment where every woman can flourish. Beyond the annual report, feel free to explore other article topics surrounding allyship, leadership amplification tools, AI advancement, and more. As always, thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

We’ve got this!
Founder | The She-Suite®