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Welcome Letter

is in the air

Once again, it’s that time of year when we are focused on the changing of seasons. I’m a summer baby and just love the warm months. This year, my summer season was full of travel, beaches, sunny days, morning walks, and time to simply bask in the warmth of longer evenings.

I will be honest; it takes a bit of time for me to adjust to the cooler days. At first, the change feels awkward and a bit uncomfortable. However, when we start to acclimate to change, we can then find our own rhythm.

Seasons represent the passing of time and our association with change. Change is ever present—however, what marks this moment as different is the speed of change. So many changes are happening in all aspects of life: politically, environmentally, technologically, personally, and professionally. I recently heard it said that change hasn’t changed, but it is the pace of change that has transformed. For leading women, a seasonal shift is our relationship with work.

At The She-Suite we see a modern day renaissance, where purpose-driven leadership is the bedrock of leading holistically, from the inside out. In this issue we are recognizing the bold changemakers and ‘future casters’ who are shaping what will be next.

We are celebrating these executive leading women and all that they’ve done and will continue to do. We are honoring the space for well-being in your life with articles on new healthy hobby ideas and creating your very own Rx for well-being. We dig into the future of women in the workplace, and the fresh approach that HR must take to be a part of cultivating this change.

Beyond this, you will find unique gift giving ideas from women-owned businesses, a few of our She-Suite Community’s favorite productivity hacks, and you will learn why this season is a wonderful time to take on a personal brand reset. And of course, be sure to check out our thought leadership article that touches on what so many of us have been dealing with this past year: 5 Meaningful Steps Your Company Can Take to Retain Women in Your Workplace.

I believe a significant change that we can make this upcoming year is in how we relate to work across our lives. This issue may feel a bit more focused on well-being, but that is because I’ve seen a sharp rise in women wanting to define their success not just by what they do, but who they are and how they live and lead. We hope you enjoy this second edition, and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for future editions.

Cheers to change and all that it brings!
Believing in you,
Founder, The She-Suite
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Lisa M. Buckingham