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The Gift of Intentional Giving: 10 Women-owned Businesses You Can Support All Year

The Gift of Intentional Giving:

Lyrical poet Pindar once said, “Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.” As a professional, it can be easy to fall into the trap of impersonal gift giving to your network and clients. Think of all the overplayed gift baskets and gift cards you’ve likely received after attending conventions and business deals that were ultimately tossed aside.

What if you could make an impact on your network in ways you never dreamed of with just a bit of planning and creativity? Instead of relying on played out, unmemorable gifts, it’s time to embrace ‘intentional gift-giving’—gifts that align with your values and show that you truly considered the person receiving the gift. That’s where this list of 10 purposeful and women-empowering gifts comes into play.

With any of the gifts below, you can do more than what’s ‘customary,’ highlight why you are a connection worth having for years to come, and promote a variety of women-owned businesses in the process. Note: Don’t forget to include the story behind the companies so that your gift recipient understands why you chose this particular product for them.

1. “Hooray For” Shirts, B-Unlimited

B-Unlimited, and their “Hooray For” shirt series is owned by two sisters, Anna and Amanda Kloots. After a women’s retreat, power panel, or leadership event, these shirts are an ideal gift to send.

With celebrities like Selma Blair, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Maria Shriver, and Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing the brand around town, it’s an on-trend, fresh approach to gifting that shows your network that you are a leader that values them.

Bonus: 50% of the proceeds from shirt sales go toward a charity the founders have chosen that relates specifically to the topic of each tee shirt.

Anna and Amanda Kloots sporting two of their “Hooray For” shirts
2. Aromatic Candle, Aromaology

Studies show that the scent of a pleasing candle can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in a work setting. As such, purchasing a candle from Black woman-owned Aromaology from Daisy Howard Kimbro is a very thoughtful and intentional takeaway gift after a woman’s retreat or reset.

Try adding a note explaining the positive benefits of a candle in the office space to encourage your network to use it regularly and think of you throughout the year. This is a clever top-of-mind awareness trick just as much as it is a thoughtful gift.

3. Certified Fairtrade and Organic Salted Caramels, Fran’s Chocolates

Fran Bigelow founded Fran’s Chocolates in 1982 and is credited for sparking the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States. Based in Seattle, WA, her Salted Caramels are the sweet treat your professional network never knew they needed. Available in milk or dark chocolate, these beautiful confections are made with slow cooked caramel and bold gray or smoked salt. While chocolates aren’t a particularly uncommon gift, each beautiful box is wrapped with a gorgeous satin ribbon making it an elegant indulgence inside and out.

4. Dining Gift Card for Travelers, Eatwith

For women leaders travel is often simply part of the job. From conventions and conferences to meetings and panels, there’s always something going on in a city you don’t live in. Fortunately, with this gift, you can help other leaders to enjoy their business trips beyond the usual networking and cocktail parties.

Eatwith, co-founded by Camille Rumani, is a company dedicated to bringing experiences and fine dining to those traveling all over the country—and world. Consider inviting your network to a unique dining experience with a local host or encourage them to explore hand-selected culinary events when they travel for business. Either way, you’re demonstrating that you are open to finding fun, relaxed opportunities to celebrate important working relationships.

5. Modern Minimalist Jewelry, The Pink Locket

This Black woman-owned business specializes in beautiful and unique jewelry perfect for any occasion. Georgia-based Kamilah Campbell started The Pink Locket after years in the corporate world and her minimalist designs have been featured in various movies, TV shows,, and more. One recommendation we have is to buy earrings from her Zodiac Collection.

For spiritual connections that find their sense of purpose from the universe, a zodiac gift is personal and thoughtful. It shows that you know when they were born and the significance their zodiac sign holds in their eyes.

6. Reusable Water Bottle, bkr

Conventions and trade shows are great for meeting other company leaders and discovering the latest advancements in your industry. However, with a full schedule and plenty of walking around from booth to booth, it can be easy to forget to bring water each day and then become dehydrated. This is exactly why this intentional gift will be appreciated.

Bkr, co-founded by Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, offers a collection of reusable glass water bottles with a colorful array of silicone covers that range from the sweetest pastels to exciting brights. Choose a hue that best represents your personal brand and have a few on hand with you at conventions so that you can give them to important connections you make along the way. It’s a beautiful, environmentally friendly gift that will spark a little joy long after your interaction is over.

7. Fresh Floral Bouquet, Farmgirl Flowers

Flowers are a classic that never go out of style and Farmgirl Flowers is exceptional. Born and raised on a farm in Indiana, Christina Stembel started the business in the Bay Area in CA and was an early disruptor in the online floral space. Farmgirl Flowers has a wide array of bouquets dedicated to occasions, moods, and colors, ensuring there’s a perfect gift for every person in your proverbial ‘rolodex.’ This beloved brand ships nationwide and offers subscription options, a free ship shop, plant line, and The Big Box shop as well.

8. Empowering Beauty Products, Zandra Beauty

At The She-Suite, we regularly cover the importance of self-care and taking time for yourself no matter how hectic your personal and professional schedules are. That’s why a gift such as an exfoliating sugar scrub or a hand and body lotion with inspiring messaging from Black woman-founder Zandra A. Cunningham’s Zandra Beauty is so valuable and thoughtful. Zandra is also a TEDx speaker and uses her platform to educate and empower girls and women across the globe via STEAM and entrepreneurship.


When sending a gift from Zandra Beauty to someone in your network, try encouraging them to use it during their PTO, after work, or during a work trip to relax and spend time on their physical, emotional, and mental health. Note: This is a perfect gift to give before a women’s retreat.

9. Sustainably-Minded Shoes, Oka-B

Not only are these shoes by Oka-B from a woman-owned company, founded by Sara Irvani and Kim Falkenhayn, but they are sustainably-minded, vegan, manufactured in the USA, and perfect for work trips and vacations. With many options to choose from including sandals and ballet slippers, these shoes show how much you know about your network, their style, and their lives.

No matter what shoes you choose to send, make sure they are in the correct size and that you mention the sustainability and woman-owned factors as this will help your connections to see your dedication to women leaders and the environment.

10. Office Succulent, Lula’s Garden

With professional connections growing and thriving every day, an office succulent is a great gift to honor these new relationships. After deciding to collaborate with other professionals, sending an office succulent like the ones sold from California-based Lula’s Garden is a fun and thoughtful way to keep the relationship growing and thriving both symbolically and intentionally. Note: Founder and CEO Liraz Birnbaum sources their succulent plants from locally grown family-owned nurseries.

Lula’s Garden also offers an entire corporate gifts collection so that you can add your company logo or personalized message on the succulent’s pot. As an environmentally friendly gift, this ticks all the boxes—but it also is a healthy gift since succulents improve indoor air quality.


Now that you know where to find wonderful intentional gifts, all that’s left is to choose the ones that best suit your personality and intention. A gift is an opportunity to stand out, show your compassion, and strengthen your connections—so why send a basket of fruit when you can send something so much more impactful and empowering?